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Some constructive criticism:

- When you hold the R key, it constantly restarts the game. I would instead restart it on a single key press instead of every frame the key is being held.

- Would be nice if the Camera speed increased quite a bit once it's father away from the character. There are cases where the camera was too far away from my character and I wasn't able to save him. If you want to keep the current camera movement, one way you can do it is by making the camera speed increase exponentially after a specific distance.

- I would recommend ticking off the full screen button on Itch since Unity WebGL build already has it's own full screen button.

- I would make the WebGL game window smaller since on smaller computer screens (like my laptop) it goes a bit outside it's edges. I usually just go for half of my computer's resolution (960x540) and if someone wants to have the game to take the whole screen, there's always the full screen button.

Overall, good job! It's a very juicy game.