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Hi! Thanks for playing the game. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, that was my main concern when I was making it. I don't know why the game was running so slowly, I haven't had anyone else mention that so far. I'll look into it and see what I can do about that.

About the artwork, I know that I'm not a great artist, but I am trying to improve. Hopefully in the future I can make better looking games!

About the inventory menu, I realise now that I should have put a button or something to indicate where the inventory and options buttons are. I did put instructions on the game page (just above) and in the readme that you left-click to interact and right-click to examine objects, but I will bear in mind for future games that I should put the controls somewhere in the options menu. I did rush through the menus a bit, as I made the whole game in one month for a contest.

Again, thanks for playing and thank you for your comments. I will take them on board and use them to make better games in the future! :)

Don't worry about the lag, that's my bad, my computer just suck -_-

I belive you can do better ^u^ I will love to play another of your games and see improvement.