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hey! sorry I didn't reply previously, I had a lot of stuff happening last month.

Thank you for the compliments on the writing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Re: the music choices and the lack of an obvious flag for the true end; I agree that accessing the endgame isn't super obvious and some of the tracks aren't terribly fitting, but unless something major happens I'm likely to leave it as-is. Because I released it three years ago, there's a lot of stuff I'd change now if I were to start working on an update, and I think that getting too deep into that sort of thing would be self-defeating -- for one, I think it's more worthwhile to apply what I've learnt from past projects to new projects than revising the same thing for years after the fact, and also, if I mess too much with it it's not the same game anymore. If it outright breaks and there's something technically wrong I'll fix that ASAP, but for creative fumbles, I think I have to be content with what it is or I'll be here forever.

I'm totally happy for you to do a Let's Play, and I'd be keen to see it if you're comfortable putting the link here! :) Thanks again for your comments and I appreciate you wanting to show this to others. It's very kind, and it's heartwarming to know people are still finding this now so long after release.