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Hello! I've created a lot of resorts here, and i love it!! Congratulations for the work, it is a really great game! :)

I found some bugs, and i have suggestions:


First the suggestions, i hope you like it!

- The possibility to add props of the games, like trees, houses or rocks, for more personalized tracks. (And moore like hotels!)

- Roads and parkings. For cars. To create differents levels of the resort. The cars can appear for a tunnel, like Planet Coaster.  And use the same system of the slopes for create it.

- More maps, (¡biggers pls!) with different styles: A high peak resort, a tree valley... Every station is different! And moore maps is super needed.

- The possibility of edit the terrain, to up or down zones. Would be very confortable for construction. And the possibility of edit a created slope, to change it. 

- Where the map ends, instead of seeing the void, it could be a sea of clouds. It would be beautiful and it would make sense.

- Like other people comment: Weather, and moore lifts with differents speeds to avoid the long lines of people. And longer lifts please!


Now, the bugs: Using the last version at 21/04/2020

- Sometimes i can't delete a lift. I push the button, and appears the signal that show the slopes dont have conection, but the lift model is there and unusable. ¡Dont dissappear! 

- If i push the key "Esc" three times, i have to press "Continue the game" (i dont remember de text) three times to close the menu. And please, add that Esc close the menu and, when you select a lift, Esc close the selection too! 

- When i remplace a lift for other, i cant connect the existing slopes to the lift zone because they're too close, and i cant create a lift to connect it. I've to delete the entire slope...

Thank you all for your attention and good luck with the project! 

I look forward to new updates. I will be the first to buy it for sure! :)