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Thanks for replying so quickly! It was when I got the inventory prompt in the apartment. It's possible that's what happened. Reinstalling the game seemed to take care of it though - I haven't encountered a missing "exit inventory" button since doing that. Thanks again for a great, entertaining game! I love that there are so many branches for the story to take.

As a btw, this should be fixed now (no exit inventory button after several replays). The reason is because **SPOILERS** after about 5 replays, Alice has wisened up to her dream and decides to (in the future...you know how it is) BUY A CROWBAR. Very useful ;) Point is though that this added item pushed the exit inventory button 'off the screen' so to speak, but it should be fixed now!

Great, thanks! That's so cool, that replaying actually has an effect on Alice!