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Not having all that, but am experiencing some issues with Mayor Quest as well.  The Labor Guild doesn't give me a quest when I approach the dwarf I get the option of Duncan said you would pay me quickly which looks like the end of the Questline to the labor unions vote,  he specifically says "the guild will have no trouble supporting you."  I started a new game and got the mayor quest on day seven and Went to the Labor guild first, still same interaction.

Also the easy (default) servants guild quests are leaning heavily towards slaves that are impossible to find.  I have gotten only one request for a female servant the rest of been male, and I had effectively turned male slaves off at first, bumped it up to about 50% and still not getting male slaves let alone with four or five levels of tamability.  

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I have not been having this issue wit the quest but I am also having issue with the Mayor Quest in terms of the Worker Guild. (To Strive4Power: Out of curiosity, which file has the coding for this quest?)