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Hey Hello fellow human being , so i gave a lil try (i plan to continue playing to see how far we can take things) and i found a funny little thing/bug i was bored clicking on every plant to collect them so i started a good old auto clicker and if you use it it just duplicate the plant you'r clicking until you move your mouse away from the plant so idk funny anyway

Its a nice game :)

Hey thanks for telling me. I'll fix the bug as soon as possible. Maybe I should make it so you can hold down the mouse button to plant and harvest so you don't have to click so often.

Yeah that would be a good idea , maybe doing it for the hoe too would be nice for later bigger farm

OH and idk if its supposed to be but when you right click with the hammer to remove things they just get deleted you dont get them

Yeah getting items back is just not in the game yet. I do intend to add it later. It does kinda make sense though that a hammer destroys things for good.