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Hey, did you see this?


Yes, it's nice but a very different type of game to this.

Skatebird seems to be based on the gameplay style of Tony Hawks as a skateboarding game.

360Chicken is a game where I just wanted to put a physics ragdoll chicken on a vehicle and give it similar mechanics to Happy Wheels and Guts'n'Glory. It actually wasn't even going to be a chicken, it was supposed to be a humanoid character, but when programming the base movement I used a Sphere attached to a flat Box with wheels, it became quite fun so I added a Head Sphere and it looked like a chicken.

360Chicken is not really supposed to replicate any other game's mechanics directly, rather it works very differently to  a regular skateboard game, where the skateboard works more like a car than a skateboard, you can see how the board is big enough that the chicken basically sits mostly within it's bounds.

aight, cool