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I've opened your project in unity and set map height to 256. Creation range is 72 chunks. It's even more amazing and unreal w this settings! Thank you very much for this submission. I'm now interested in creation of more structured city (several fixed levels of streets, which means there would be underground ones, stairs inside "houses", more different blocks). By the way, is it possible to create blocks with sizes 2*2*2, 5*100*456 or such using minimal changes in your wfc code? 

@LTVA You can make blocks that are bigger than 1x1x1, for example 1x2, by cutting your big block into 1x1x1 blocks and using connectors between them that aren't used anywhere else. In theory, you could make any size block like this, but it would be cumbersome for bigger ones. You could also try to implement that, but that would take a lot of work.