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ok, i think this will work right now. i don't need any big animations yet but there will come a time when i do. i mean FULL SCREEN animations. but not now. later down the road when i feel like replacing text that say things happen with the animation.

i need a hospital room as that's coming up soon.

i also need a big city with alleyways. it should be big with most things a city should have. this will be the main area of the game and players will go back to it on many occasions. this does not need to be done right away but soon ill need it.

if i can id like for you to remake some rooms.

i'm going to be working on implementing more things like the leveling system and an item ui.

Just realized I need to give you the road for the cars to go on. Don't work on the city yet

use 36 by 64 measurements for areas as characters will always be around that sid