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Hey, what kind of gameplay runs this marvelous idea ? 


Howdy! I personally started by peppering these weird vittles vendors into my urban settings to add flavor and fun. Over time they became reoccurring NPCs, sources of gossip and quests. 

I find that an appropriately placed street food vendor instantly sets the setting. Regardless of your time period or your region, there is someone on the side of the road that wants you to buy their deep fried something on a stick. Perhaps they have a rocket powered boat stall like Mr. Kim from Fifth Element, perhaps it is a cart pulled by an annoyed burro, perhaps it is an advanced hologram in Neo Hong Kong, perhaps it is a a tent in a massive near-east style bazaar. These add a layer of depth to any location and can provoke such a variety of feelings for the characters and players. Perhaps it reminds one of home or really drives home the foreign nature of this new place. Maybe the players have their own delightful (or disgusting) street food experiences that add that layer of realness and depth.

It all matters on the depth you want to dive with it. A Dungeon Meshi inspired game would align perfectly with this. I've run some Iron Chef inspired games with the resources here. I, as a DM, tend towards the whimsical and gonzo, but one could easily grit-up the stuff here. 


Thank you ! It reminds me a little bit of the (awesome) comic book Starve.