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the game is awsome but there is not 32-bit in your game and hey you can upload this game in igg games with uploading 32-bit


The specs are: 64-bit required. 32-bit is finally dying, I would expect to see more and more games that won't run on 32-bit.

32-bit restricts you to slightly less than 4GB of total addressable memory. That includes system RAM, graphics card memory, and a few other bits and bobs added together. My modest graphics card has 3GB of RAM... use all of that and there's not much left for anything else


this game getting worst for people when the 32-bit in this game will not upload people will never follow your gameplay they only like 32-bit in this


Sorry but I don't understand this comment. 32-bit systems are becoming obsolete for graphically advanced games. There is no working around it.

Time to upgrade. I've no idea how one could even be running a 32-bit OS? Win XP had a 64-bit edition and the main branches of Vista, 7, 8, and 10 are the 64-bit versions.


I'm afraid we are simply not supporting 64-bit. Key features, such as landscape shaders, simply don't work on a 32-bit machine. Sorry!