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May i ask what you didn't like

well dont you think zombies horror games  are a little bit boring by this point ,this retro graphic is good but try with new concept...this is my honest opinion. 

I don't think games like resident evil are boring, but just general zombie games are boring, but this is more resident evil than plain zombie game

well my point is why making just another zombie games when you have more than 300 zombie games already ,try with original idea ,like slay bells that was really unique...

Well yeah i understand , i just like games similar to the night of the living dead, or resident evil

that is ok , in my opinion Silent Hill is the best horror game of all time !!!

Silent hill is absolutely amazing, and am still angry over P.T being cancelled 

what is your opinion of The Thing PC  Remake 

There was a remake of the ps1 game?

Deleted 2 years ago

i am trying to make my own games