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Hello. I managed to play the game after doing what you instructed me to do, and thank you. I have really enjoyed this game. I have played it several times now. I like the premise, the visuals are good, and the voice acting is wonderful. Send both Alex Blackwell and Daniel "Lucidity" Peet my love for me, will you? Daniel Peet is also a great singer! I have played ending 2 with the cool and alluring voice, just to hear him sing "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails.

The character himself is a pretty shady guy, although I know he does have issues. He is also very suave and handsome. I think I might have a crush on him, although I do know this is a situation (the situation that involves going over to his house) that neither I nor anyone else should partake in.

I know that you have received requests of expanding the game. If you were to do so, how would you go about it? Would there be more endings, or at least differences in the existing ones? Also, has the full version of Beauty and the War been uploaded yet? I know the demo has, and I have played that before. I enjoyed that game, too.

I can't wait to see a more detailed version of the protagonist in BATW. I just hope he won't be too unlikable of a character in that game. Anyway, thank you, and take care!