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It's awesome! Exciting and fun to play!

For a demo release this game is a solid 9/10.

The good things : 

Smooth movement and nice tutorial. Runs are different and fun. Weapons feel good and movement is responsive. Roll mechanic feels natural and it is a nice addition. It is satisfying to play, hits feel different for each weapon. Statistics after the run are really nice too. Having an option to reduce screen shake is also a really good idea. I really can talk much more, but i don't want to spoil the game for others. Overall great job! Браво!

Some little things i found :

When having a weapon equipped and aiming directly at the character the animation of the weapon starts flashing. Also when i finished my first run and went to the gravestones, the second and third one return a 'value cannot be null', because i have not yet made a second and third best runs. When planting a seed and then initiating dialog again, the dialog box is out of place and it is covered by the black stripes for cutscenes.

For a demo these thing are normal and people should focus on the gameplay aspect. 

Some suggestions : Implementing a character selection where every character has a small unique bonus. Giving weapons a level would be interesting. The more you use a certain weapon, the more you can level it up and give it different perks like rate of fire. Followers that give some bonuses or have special behaviour. Maybe a mana system which you can use to cast some spells or just find some scrolls and use them for an offensive one time spell like fireball or something. 

Game is awesome and I can't wait for official release!