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I like the design of the interface. It is quite complicated to manage a lot of items. By splitting the crafting system to various machines you can simplify and still have a very complex chain of crafting. Make some items into a workbench then use this items inside the furnace and then use that output into a compressor to make something cool. Good design. I think you can expand this into a very nice version of Minecraft. To create the mining more interesting and complex you can add various ground caves inside the mountain. Each ground cave could be with different biomes and various metals. This allows for the map generation system to be more simple. Using Dwarf Fortress approach of layers is very complex and confusing. Also instead of having a massive overworld generation you can make chunks of islands. And then make some kind of transportation system on water from one chunk to another. In each chunk you can mine, build and when you reach a more valuable metal in one of the caves in that chunk you can use that to make the transportation between islands. You can then add dangerous elements only on water between chunks. So players think is safe until they die on waters killed by various pirates.