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I like this game, aside from the issues, there's good story building here, and a nice, crisp Stanley Parable narration going on. The open ended story is fun, it leaves room for imagination which some games nowadays lack. But if you want to take your game to the next level, there are just a few things I'd recommend.

1: Door sounds. Very, loud, repetitive door sounds. Lower the volume on them just a tad, and make it so that once a door opens, it won't close for at least two seconds. An opening animation would be nice, but not necessary.

2: The telepad whirring. It's deafeningly loud, kicked off my tinnitus into overdrive, PLEASE decrease it to about half.

3: An intro sequence with a data screen showing an objective would be nice contextualization, something along the lines of:


- Initiating boot sequence ____________________________________________

D/T == 8 / 17 / 49XX // 11 : 17 AM

Clearance == Research : Exploration : Type A

Location == O A R Facility 177903 : 13 ____________________________________________

Welcome to the Osiris Archetype Research program

Current objective == Determine condition of indigenous life on surface // Full investigation necessary // Return when complete

Mission status == Debriefed, ready to deploy

Thank you for participating in the Osiris Archetype Research program

- Beginning transport ____________________________________________

4. If you want to take this to a full scale game, I'd suggest having multiple maps, with different layouts, some at night, some in ruins, maybe. Spice it up a little and it will go a long way. Another cool feature would be to have an item system where you can get flashlights, or tools that help you get into certain rooms. I'm thinking a shop mechanic where, in between maps, you can sell the artifacts you collected from the planet's surface in exchange for a currency that can get you the helpful items I already mentioned. Finding a companion would be REALLY cool.

All in all, just fix the sounds, and I won't have a problem with this game. The other stuff I mentioned is just to take the game from "like it" to "love it."