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This actually reminds me of a fantasy/idea. It could be interesting for the Prince to be thrown around by different monsters with all different genitalia and breeding methods, like a gallery of different ways to fuck him or get him pregnant. Just imagine, Prince as a incubator for all the monsters.

Also, I can see there most likely won't be an ending where Prince will be kinda like himself and happy next to Dietrick, but it would be really nice and hot to see a scene where the Prince thinks that he is in "heaven" when with Dietrick. And in the mind control way, but just breaking from sex and Dietrick becoming  kinda like safe and familiar. Kinda like a situation where he under all of it is just really scared to make Dietrick mad and just keep pleasuring him.

The scenes to this point have been amazing and pretty sure I dry came from the mpreg scene

Thanks :))