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Hi there can we add a birth control sequence. Historically Romans do not control their birth due to diseases which may cause all children to die. Which is not reflected here, thus, its very expensive to have children.

For the wealthy Romans, because they have the money to hire doctors and medical care for their children, their children survive. But because of the high cost of education, many would restrict themselves until a child dies. Men are shown to avoid their wives and visit prostitutes or have lovers, which children born from the union can not inherit.

The game is very patriarchal even for Roman standards and they are a Patriarchy proudly. Daughters are completely ignored, which is not true for Romans who see their daughters as their heirs as well as their sons, and many Roman adopts their descendants or relatives through the female line to continue their dynasty.

And for the bachelor tax right. Roman Law state that the range is 25-60 for men, and 20-50 for women. However in the game, I get tax for character whose wife died and he is in his 60s. And the game start taxing the sons and daughters at 18 instead of 25 to 20. The tax is also never as the game which tax like 60-80% of the income. 


We do try to keep the game as historically accurate as possible while still being fun and balanced, so any improvements or errors pointed out in that regard are most welcome

Regarding the celibate tax, kindly share any links to resources showing these numbers and we'd be happy to fix them up (also it is supposed to stop by the age of 50. And this has been so for some time, maybe you are on a much older version of the game? - please check your settings screen, it should be v1.3.3)

We may add a birth control event/choice going forward and an potential option to ask to adopt your sister's children, etc.

And in one of the next releases we'll be adding in conditions/deals around marriages as had happened historically. (Daughters already inherit your wealth on the same terms as your sons as had happened historically in cases of the person dying without a will)

Please join us on our friendly discord to share and ideas/suggestions or point out errors to help make the game experience the best it can be -

Thank you for your patronage and for writing in!