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I think this game is dead.

The developers do not support it aand the game is not released. (They said that the game will be avaiable in 2017 and we are in 2020)

Bro, it's been 3 years.


seriously, it takes a while to develop a game. obviously coming from me it means nothing because im not a game developer. but since 2014 theres been a game called yandere simulator it was in beta for six years before the demo got released. according to yandere dev (the developer of yandere sim) its still probably going to take another 2 years before the full game will come out. you wont just develop a game for 2 years then release otherwise it will probably have shitty animations, bad graphics a bad storyline and barely any content. it takes time to put hard work into your game just except the fact that the game has took a while to be published... 


Howdy, this game was a college capstone. the group Hive broke up and Now one the Devs works for naughty dog. So Yes the game is dead.


Yandere Simulator is a dumpster fire of terrible code that gets worse with every update, made by a developer who cannot remotely take criticism (constructive or otherwise), and refuses to actually take sincerely offered programming advice from people who have far more experience.

I really don't think that game should be used as a *good* comparison...