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You. Incredible. Humans. I'm a vr story maker, and I've gone on quite a journey through wonderful stories to find you. I first played Tender Claws' Under Presents last week and it was utterly delightful. Then I looked for anything else they were associated with, and found Wide Ocean Big Jacket, which provided the most delightful evening of play with my partner, as we laughed during the funny bits and clutched each other during the tender bits. How on earth did you write that script? It's so tight. So real. So nuanced and human and succinct. Then I decided to spend today playing everything else you have made because I adore your storytelling, your visual aesthetic, your bravery, your sass, and your playfulness. And what a revelation -- this piece, Little Party, is the greatest thing for a creator like me to see. It's such a beautiful, ahem, 'prevolution' of WOBJ: it shows me how you got there, your process, your learning, your skill at seeking feedback and incorporating it. I would love to meet you both! Thank you for your creativity, and for the stories you're bringing into the world! -wyatt