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So, here is my review of this pack, the overall quality of the pack is very high the tiles are great for the moment (i'll edit my review if i find something with them later), my main issue with this pack are the character animations. There is a .txt file provided with the pack for the animations that is not a problem everything is good BUT more than 50% of the animations are fun animations not useful ones for a game, the attack animation is one frame ... the run animations is strange, no death animation in the .txt file but frames are provided at least i managed to create one with the frame already in, no climbing on ladder and ledges anim. I would have liked a more elaborated melee attack animation, a "heavy attack" and less "funny" animations and at least a idle animation on the npcs (this comment is subject to change if my opinion is changing too)

and one question are your tiles usable with an auto tilemap like unity ?