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Sure! I can send you one on request, or if there's a way to distribute them automatically (I'm not super familiar with Itch), I can do that too.


You should be able to add Steam keys to the download page of the game and they will be distributed automatically. That would be the best solution since it wouldn't give any extra work to you (manually distributing Steam keys can be a nightmare). I recommend that you filter it so the keys are only given to the owners of the game who paid for it (not claimed it on a free sale like the one you're doing now).

Several developers are already using that system on so it shouldn't be very difficult. I can point you to several examples if needed. Also, feel free to ask anything else if you think I can help you but there's already a lot of information given by the platform here:

Thanks again for doing the sale, for creating the game  and for your kind reply!


Added. You should be able to grab one, now!


Wow, that was fast! I've just tried it and it worked like a charm. Let's see if I have time to try it on Linux with Proton and make a compatibility report :)

I'm repeating myself a lot, but thanks again!