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I like what I've seen and experienced so far, and I think that there's potential with this game.

I feel that the men move and attack a bit too slow, and I feel the enemies are a bit too strong.

The game does at least encourage me to split the group up and send different squads of people to different positions rather than just, sending them forward, in order to flank the enemy, and even split them up so that they don't overwhelm your troops, as an RTS should. I've tried the game again with changed up approaches, and predictably, sending the men straight forward into the crowd of enemies resulted in their demise and our defeat, so the game does make me think about my next move, as an RTS should.

Sometimes I get a fatal error when I order my men to attack outside the town/village area.

Occasionally individual men walk under the bridge at the start, where they get stuck in the water and under the bridge, occasionally individual men phase/no clip through the railings on the bridge and get stuck there too.

I don't like the idea of the restricted camera though, I think the camera should be a more free to move one.

You mentioned that the visuals are place holder, that you're going to be hiring artists for designing at some point, I'm glad to hear that.

The voice acting is alright, not the best I've heard, not the worst.

The alpha was on the short side though, so having a more informed opinion on it proved to be difficult for me as a result. I do wish there was more, though as you stated, this was simply to demonstrate things.

I'm looking forward to another version being released though.


Thank you for your insightful feedback. We've taken into consideration all of the bugs and have wrote a brief blog about what we plan to do on the next version here