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I love the concept (I once made a very similar game myself), and the "Space Crusade" influence is immediately obvious. Implementing "squad mechanics without the fuss of controlling each unit one by one" is a tricky thing to achieve in a roguelike, because you do actually need to control each unit a fair amount of the time, or they get left behind.

If you're going to keep the standard roguelike one-tile-per-turn movement (instead of using action points like in X-Com etc), there really needs to be an option for squad members to automatically follow the current leader (squad members could still be explicitly ordered to hold their position). As it is, the game just feels a bit too slow and clunky to be much fun.

Apart from that, and a few minor niggles (eg. I like the individual map window for each squad member, but it should be centered in the direction they're facing, not directly on them), I think it seems like a solid game.