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Finished season 1... Also want to die because that cliffhanger is so brutal.

Although I'm not overly fond of the art style, nothing could detract from the frankly MASTERFUL storytelling done in this visual novel. It is *chef's kiss* magnifique, truly. 

But especially Virion's route. And I picked all the dialog that I knew would hurt me the most, ugh, why? Season 2 is definitely on my list (the good one).

*Edit: the thought just occurred to me as I was browsing tiers of your patreon because I'd love to have the full nsfw version of the game-- would you ever consider releasing a paid version on of the nsfw game? I desperately want to give you my money, but can't currently justify the monthly patreon payments in my tight budget when my eye is solely captured by that one addition to the game. 

Further aside-- I would have paid money for this version of the game, I'm so attached to it.


Thank you sooo much for playing, Admint!
Season 2 will have amazing artists working on the Sprites & CGs, so hopefully you will enjoy it much more! 🤩

As for Patreon, the full nsfw version is a download file, so you can pledge for the Coolpaca tier for one month, grab it and cancel for the next month.

It would be the same as buying the NSFW version here, but with bonus benefits you can have from pledging. (i.g: WIP imagines from season 2,  the prologue/chapter 1 of Ascension:Remake and extra manga shorts of Oathbreaker!)

Thanks for the assist on that-- I will be sure to snag it from your Patreon! Best of luck with the upcoming season!