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Hey there i work with the creator of SideQuest Shane Harrison, the growing platform for testing, sales and distribution of Oculus Quest content i had noticed Don't Look Down is already planned to be ported  to work on the Quest in the future and wanted to extend an olive branch, If you are interested you can easily submit a demo of your game on SideQuest and use us as a public beta testing ground to get your game out there as well as easily update it for users and obtain their feedback, You may also even sell your game directly through us using's  system if you desire. More then a few games have started on SideQuest and moved on to be accepted by Oculus themselves for official release, others put of clever tech demos and others still put up entire games and continue to grow and sell them on us and we would love to have you, I do hope you can consider using us when you decide to start testing at the very least and if you are curious about the submission process or SideQuest its self at all you can learn about us more on our official page at
In any case whatever you decide i wish you a good game and the best wishes Catapult Studio.