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My current batch is as follows (I've made all of these hyperlinks to make it easier to just hop right to them. I'll remove the links if that ends up not being okay):


Swarm Simulator

Clickocalypse 2

Realm Grinder

Kittens Game

Cookie Clicker

Shark Game

Space Plan

Trimps, Swarm, and Realm Grinder take a little bit of time investment to really start getting the production/progress going. Kittens Game to an even greater extent. Cookie Clicker is just an absolute classic, and Shark Game is a hilariously interesting one. Space plan is one of the few games in the idle/incremental genre that actually has an ending, and if can be beaten in about 8 hours or so. That one also had a good batch of humor. This is just a small list of the ones I have played, but these are the ones I've played the most for sure. If I can ever get off my lazy butt and get my hand back into coding, I'll probably try and make one as well, but that's neither here nor there,