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  • Vending machines - At last, the money pits have arrived! You can now spend your hard earned cash on health, ammo, weapons and...
  • A surprise? - Who knows?
  • Bounties - Cash can now be earned by killing enemies. Bounties are currently the same for every enemy, with no multipliers available. More functionality regarding bounties will follow in later updates.
  • Cash HUD widgets - Your cash balance is displayed above your health bar. Any changes regarding your balance will generate an awesome pop-up with some descriptive text.


  • Health pickups - Now look like actual health pickups.
  • Roads - Fixed some scaling and collision issues.
  • Shotgunner health - Shotgunner's health went down from 5 to 4.
  • Shadows - Replaced soft-shadows with hard-shadows.
  • Commander Drü'nqx - Is now the same size as the other aliens due to a recent engine update. I temporarily added a box above his head to identify him. Custom art for all enemies will follow in future updates.
  • Enemy projectiles - These are now green instead of blue. Given the generally reddish tint of the environment, they should be easier to keep track of than blue ones.
  • Machine gunner - Now has a slightly lower fire rate.

Bugs fixed

  • Force fields spawning in front of you - This no longer happens.
  • Parks were no longer included in the level generation process - They are now.