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Hi everyone!

Kinda late to post but I didn't know this post was a thing and have been really busy. :)

Name's Mohamed, second year Computer Science Undergrad at Nottingham Trent University. It's my Second time entering this competition but hadn't made it this far before.

Coming up with creative game ideas has never really been a strength of mine, mostly cause I don't get to play as many games as I used to...I only get to watch a few videos every now and then...never really get the time to play. Between the 5 pieces of coursework due in a couple of months, being a committee member on our university's Developer Society and all the tech events going on in Nottingham it's really difficult to balance everything.

Instead of being inspired by the code, I kinda decided to make a game I've been thinking of for a while now...since the competition isn't really about design as much as it is about code, even if the game doesn't end up being as fun as I expected, I'm hoping it is technically competent. I am using the available code as a starting point though and it is giving me some smaller gameplay ideas.

The idea is a side scroller where you are a dual gun wielding jetpack equipped bad-ass that has to fend off enemies and fly around the place saving people...imagine being Iron Man from that avengers final fight scene. I want to try and capture the thrill and rush of being able to fly while simultaneously providing the feeling of vulnerability associated with being outnumbered. Add lots of shakey cam, interesting enemy types and some gameplay twists and it feels like I may be onto something.

Procedural generation seems like a must in this case and I really wanted to do some fancy skeletal animation and procedural graphics but I don't think I will be able to get any of that done on time. Especially considering my current rate of progress (which is pretty slow all things considered).

I wish you all the best of luck, and maybe I shall see some of you at the event on the 10th of April, gonna try and be there. :)

- Mohamed

Just realised that this is actually the Search For A Star forum not the Rising Star one...oh well, nice meeting you nonetheless. XD