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I ended up choosing Essay on Empathy, mostly because those stories talk about things I wished a lot of men could understand better. Even though my own father is not the biggest fan of fictional books, this looked like one I could possibly gift him.

I was tempted to choose My Cute Neighbour, because this seemed like a book I would like to receive myself. C'mon, cute comics about cute cats? Count me in! But I can imagine older men would not enjoy this reading as much as I would.

Alberto, I Read You and I Feel More Free reminded me of a few poetry books that I have read and enjoyed a lot, so I would probably buy it for myself or my mother, but definetely not for my father.

I love everything thriller, so I would probably get really excited if someone gifted me The Forensics Artist. 

Tapenade seemed like the type of book that I would pick up for myself without thinking twice about it. I really enjoy books about feminism, specially the ones with illustrations made by the author.

Well, I think that's it. Amazing game, as always. I thought this one would take me just a few minutes to complete, but I actually spended more time on it than I had intended to do. Your games always end up sucking me in, and I honestly love it. Thank you for the great experience!