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Guys, come on, this is ridiculous. You have had 4 years complete Caramel Mokaccino. I understand that art and writing takes time, but leading your backers to believe that it would have been done within the next year, and still not being done with it 4 years later is absolutely unacceptable. People donated $37,388 dollars to you so you could fund yourself during the completion of this project, not Dorakone or any other game. What you've done to these people is basically highway robbery. The second you found out it would take so much longer than you thought, you should have offered a refund to everybody. And when you found out it would take 4 YEARS to complete, you should have immediately refunded Everyone's money and apologized making a statement that you will finish the game without continuous monetary support.  I mean you've had 1,460 days to complete this, that's 35,040 hours! There is absolutely no excuse as to why this game should not be done yet. Please, for the sake of everyone, get your stuff together.