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I do agree, but don't shout too loud or they may implement more than you bargained for as this is only the beta version and game mechanics invariably will be tweaked or squashed so as to introduce something new or for general balance.

Have you tried playing on hard or insane level?

I haven't manged to succeed on the later missions on hard level and not even tried insane as yet. Normal is a breeze and challenging is not too difficult. As you can guess i skipped Beginner and easy.

Glad you understood what i meant. I just remember playing a building game of old 'Imperium Romanum' which had the game mechanics similar to what i suggest. The legionary gaurd would defend the settlement from raids and even go out hunting the enemy encampments nearby destroying them, but only if you built the barracks in the first place. I think it was just a button activation on the barracks for them to go sally forth and you could watch the fighting whilst merrily carrying on waiting for a building to be finished. Great fun.

Perhaps they can have a game freeze similar to the onset of winter or a spawn if you have chosen to go for the survey team and barracks as a secondary option allowing for a short clip of the action whether good or bad for the science or military squad, especially small artifacts that enhance the storyline. Probably some sort of conversation would occur at that point with the mothership crew or just the dancing gorilla specialist and the survey team, who knows. Your guess is as good as mine.