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I see. Because I do have an Instagram and DeviantArt page, and on Instagram I posted three images of a concept character I was making at the time. One smoking, one shooting, and then a sprite sheet with him unarmed, bloodied and with a baseball bat.


The outlines like on the sleeves, the shape of the hands, legs, head, sort of seem identical to mine. I am not complaining or even claiming that you "stole" anything, im not that bothered by such an idea, but seems kind of ironic that I stumbled to a character that seemed identical to something I'd made.
I was just curious, thats all owo

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I never saw your char before. I'm trying to find the original one that inspired me but no luck so far, although i found this:

And I'm sure I found lots of this kind of pixelart character in my initial search. If it bothers you, I'll replace the sprite.

Oh i think i found another one:


Oh yea~ I'm so sorry for bothering you then! I completely forgot myself that I had also taken inspiration from the first image you've shown. I've quite edited my image after the one ive shown from 2 years ago, I forgot what "base" i used. Again, I am so so sorry!