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Great concept! Needs a tutorial to explain how the game works.

Maybe enable the characters to be able to move objects after they have been switched to different planes, for example objects from the physical plane can be moved on the mental plane, objects from the mental plane can be moved on the astral plane etc.

Show the user whether the enemy is a melee or ranged unit.

Few issues with loading the start and end video on my laptop. Also, when I died/ completed the level clicking the continue/skip button did not work. I had the Alt+Tab to exit the game.

Well done on a great concept with great art, animation and game play!!!

I can't wait to play more levels!

Thank you for your feedback. There is actually a character in the works who will be able to move objects on the planes! We're also in the process of editing the intro video, so hopefully it won't take too much to load.

There will be more levels soon!

Thanks again for taking the time to feedback to us.