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Hello again,

What's new?

Hyenas are finished. It took a lot of trial and error but I'm finally happy with them. They circle the player, before doing a charge attack, and skidding along the sand when you kill them.

Deathworms are a new enemy. There are the easier red ones, and the much larger and tougher black ones, who spit a gooey projectile attack.

Saltmen are also finished. They basically act like a fast zombie. They kill the player and eat their corpse.

General tweaks have been made to the core mechanics to make it a lot smoother and more responsive.

The plot is coming along too. It involves a cult (pretty standard game enemy but I'm excited about it nevertheless).

There have been some major changes to the HUD, especially when it comes to ammo and level-ups.

What's still to do?

Motorbikes (I promise they're still going to be in it.)

Re-write the gang member AI.

Cult member AI.

Gang leader AI/ Boss levels.

Creation of non-plot levels.

Finish plot.

Thanks for checking out Red Desert and I hope you like what you see so far. Hopefully I'll have some more for you soon.