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  • Feedback button - The main menu now boasts a brand new 'Feedback' button, which will take you to the community page.
  • Force fields - Whenever a combat encounter begins, a combat space is sealed off by a force field. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
  • Loading screen - No more 'did the game just freeze on me?'-moments, because everytime the game is loading a loading screen will pop up.
  • End-of-the-line notice - If you manage to kill the boss, congratulations! Also, a disappointing notice will pop-up telling you that there is nothing left to do until more content is added.


  • AI - Made enemy projectiles significantly slower, so you actually get the time to react to the bulletstorm. Also increased enemy count per encounter.
  • Buildings - You no longer have to witness horribly unfinished template buildings.
  • HUD - Now displays the current version number. This was added primarily for potential let's play videos / reviews, carefully reminding viewers that this game is still in development.
  • Textures - Textures are no longer loaded in steps, making everything instantly as detailed as it should be.
  • Laser rifle - Reduced ammo supply and clip size.
  • Commander Drüncx- Maximum reinforcement count has been increased.