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Introducing The New Score Board!


Hello! Are you having a great day? If you have been following our Twitter or TwitchTV channel, you might have seen preview screenshots of the new score board. However, with today's new patch (v0.129a), you can experience it for yourself!

Stellar Stars - The New Score Board!

The new score board helps you access the current match with just a simple glance. For example, if any of the other players is currently dead, this is what you will see.

Stellar Stars - See Who's Dead With The Score Board!

The same goes for when any of the players are disconnected from the match.

Stellar Stars - See Who's Disconnected With The Score Board!

In addition to that, you can easily check out the character levels of the other players, the number of players you have killed, the number of times you have been killed and the number of minions you have slaughtered.

You might have also noticed that there are icons in the middle of the new score board. Remember those character growths which you have chosen before starting the match? These icons represent the character growths that your character has just learnt from leveling up.

To activate the new score board, simply press and hold onto your [TAB] key if you are using your keyboard. With an XBox One controller, you can use the map/select button (left of start) to activate it.

On top of the new score board, we have also added a few new animations to spice things up for you. For example, when you start up Stellar Stars, this is what you will see now.

Stellar Stars - Checking For Updates With Eating!

And let's not forget about the bug fixes. Because without bugs, the gameplay experience would be awesome.

Bugs Fixed in v0.129a:

1) Fixed a bug where Big Teeth (the first boss in story mode), goes right through the stage

2) Fixed a bug where minions do no damage you on the multiplayer arenas

3) Fixed a bug where if you are defeated at lvl 6, your respawn counter will not show/count down

4) Fixed a bug where Ro's Stunning Nose would sometimes pass through opponents without doing anything

5) Fixed a bug where a player's health would sometimes not be the same (i.e not synchronized) across all players in the match after respawning

6) Fixed a bug where the XBox One Controller's control mappings would go haywire on Mac/OSX

So what do you think of today's new update? Let us know in the comments below!

And if you haven't done so, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to not miss any updates! Cheers!