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Hey, so I finally got the game. And I found a little bug.

The Nun gets stuck very easily what what I've tested btw. She teleports when going inside an opened drawer, she can't reach you on the toilet wall, she has difficulty hitting you when you're crouching, she also has difficulty hitting you if you simply walk away a little, but not too much. Standing on a bed will result in her watching you or looping her swing animation. She seems to walk slower after chasing you for a while. You can be near her without her noticing you. That means I can follow her into locked rooms easily.

I also have a question, I've seen few videos of Stay Out of the House, and saw  that it has a menu to change gamma, jumpscare sounds, fov, ect. Will Nun Massacre have the same thing when you'll release Stay Out of the House on Steam?

I'm asking because I can't really enjoy the game with 2 of volume because of her chase "music". I love the idea of the chase music but I literally have to mute my sound until she goes away.



i wanna contact u