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Hi, I'm loving the style and the feel to the game, It's very unique!

However, I'm currently stuck. I'm trying to click the right button on the phone, as the notes indicated but nothing seems to work... Any tips? Thank youuu.

Hi there!

Glad you're liking it! :D You need to hold the button down for a few seconds, there's a little stop-watch in the notes to suggest that but it might not be clear enough!



Thank you very much, it worked! I did try pressing the button for a few seconds before but I realise now I wasn't holding it too longer.

I apologise in advance, how do I find the password? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In the notes there's an image of a grey key-pad with one button highlighted in green, the password is that button four times...

The key-pad image in the notebook is green.. I see all the buttons highlighted in green. I apologise again, I honestly am very confused.

No worries! Here's a pic: http://imgur.com/Q9O59YV


Thank you very much!!