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Hello! This game is a great idea but there needs to be some updates:

1. There needs to be an easier way to open the game

2. There needs to be different types of restaurants, ski patrol look outs, ski schools, hotels, and etc.

3. There should also be weather like Conabadicus said below and snow machines

4. There should be admission prices and things like rentals that we can change or edit

5. There should be accidents in which the ski patrol come and help

(ALSO- the money thing shouldn't affect the ability to build)

6. There should be a thing where you can change if it's fenced or not and a way to add moguls and jumps stuff like that (ALSO- grooming machines)

7. Another thing would be night skiing (So you would add torches that we would place)

8. The map is really nice cause it's big with unlimited possibilities but, it would be cool if we could make our own seed if you will or have other maps as well

9. This is an idea I have gotten from another leading tycoon style game: SO you should add a way that you could ski yourself to see what it's like that right there I would pay good money to play

10. There should be a way to have chutte runs along boulders like if you look up DEELEY, in Utah- huge and super fancy resort and ski runs

11. There should finally have a way to build a big resort along anywhere on the map/also roads and to be able to name and houses along the runs if wanted 

Thank You So Much!

Can't Wait To Play With These Updates