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"TRUE NAMES" by miserytourism (website/twitter). It's a classic 24 page document featuring five long-form poems that (I think?) use ballad, folklore, and mythological styles to tell several intricate stories that feel genuinely historical and entirely fictional at the same time. I love the logo/title design for it and find the concept and (potential) approach to a story about imperialism really interesting because I'd of never done it this way - which is so exciting to see something different like that. It has been described as both "[a] poetry collection about mass murdering lunatics in fantastical settings" and "created by viewing the epithets of history's most unhinged mass-murderers through the prism of chill weird fantasy—might work as a Global Studies textbook if you're on Earth-935, but here it's probably better used as a cognitive dissonance nickelodeon by people with upsetting Wikipedia search histories."