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Hey, nice work!

I noticed a couple of little things when I was playing that seemed a little unexpected.

  • When you move down, the dog turns upside down. It made me laugh at first, but still seemed a little odd.
  • When you’re facing to the right and press F the breath comes out of the dog’s mouth, when you’re facing left it appears to come out of a different orifice…

I think the enemy AI is fine. They found me, they attacked me, and I destroyed them with my mighty breath. I took some damage, but I wasn’t too close to death after a 3 on 1 encounter.

It might be nice to have some way to regain health.

It seems to be coming along quite nicely, I look forward to seeing the end result.

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I will need to program the breath to spawn in front of the character and fix the issue flipping upside down. Only thing I cannot fathom is how to allow the player to shoot while running away. Maybe the character sprite should turn in the direction of the mouse?