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Game Title/URL: The Last Glacier

Pitch/Information: Currently an infinite runner with the beginnings of a story, I have an ending in mind, but I haven’t finished it yet

I’d like feedback on:

  • The visual style of the main game (grass, trees, edge of the world, ice cube, feeling of emptiness, etc.)
  • Control feeling of the character
  • Would music be annoying? Some games like Ski Safari do repetitive music well, but I’m not sure I would :)
  • Should I bother with polishing the menus and dialogue boxes if I get chance, or just focus on making the game look better?


The controls seem very smooth! I would suggest adding some different obstacles, maybe some boulders here or there. The art style is really neat though!

Don't worry about the menus and dialogue right now, that just seems tedious. If you would have fun adding in music do that! Sound effects when the player hits a tree could be nice.