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Be warned, I scanned this and it has malware.


I appreciate your concern! I know this might not mean much coming from me, so check all the people running it in the tweet thread like this. It's actually super-safe. Everything is contained within the program, the goose doesn't mess with your files, and there's certainly no machine learning for the goose?

Though maybe that's a next step for the goose AI.

Not sure what virus scanner that is. 

I maybe get why it might trip up a virus scanner though - I'm doing weird windows stuff. If you want to send me your version zip/scanner log, I'm curious what specifically is setting that off, and my communication channels are always open!


It's Malware Bytes and it's not even reporting it as malware. This type of warning is an anomaly. It says it doesn't fit patterns. It's one of my least favorite alerts from the software because it misleads people that don't look into the actual warning.

Def see how Malware might be worried, considering what this app does. I haven't downloaded the app but maybe this will help you figure it out.

can i use task manager to stop the file

According to the readme, you can quit the goose by holding ESC for a few seconds.

I'm really interested in your work,how can I contact you? would you please be kind to say how can I create simple games like this too ? I'm looking for basics and tutorials, I'd be appreciate if you help me in this way. Thank you Mr. Samperson.

HOW DID YOU MAKE YOUR GOOSE? i realy want to be able to make something like that, and i would realy apreciate it if u taught me how to make something like it.


I mean,,, its supposed to be a joke malware


Mallardware for ducks sake. 

This joke is A+