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The funny thing is I'm playing this on my phone since the beginning. Go on their Patreon site and you should be able to get not the latest version, because of patronage of course.

Good for you I found your comment randomly...

Sometimes you have to search a little longer to succeed.

Oh cool thanks for telling me. I assumed their wasn't a android port so I didn't go looking. I found out there was one when I encountered a random Password fan on the Internet.

So yeah! I can play while on the go ya hoo!

Right? Do you mean me with “random Password fan“? 

Who's your favorite character? I find the MC overly annoying and will address this to Grizz, I think. Tyson is my number 1 go to love interest, because of his past and we all know he definetly cares, but I sure hope he won't rape Walter (fixed main character name). 

Have you heard of Echo? It's also horror, but much more gruesome. At some point I didn't want to continue on playing. I just don't like (some of) the characters. Although the writing is fantastic, I give them that much. I also don't really have a problem with horror outside of these kind of games. Password is an exception.