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Thanks so much for playing and for taking the time to send me some good feedback.

There's a few points on there that will be in the game soon-ish hopefully but I'll go through your points anyway :)

1. I've been thinking about some kind of phase in/out effect like weapon switching in Metroid Prime. If it doesn't end up feeling right though I will probably fall back on a simple lower/raise.

2. This is also something I want in the game but adding the button prompts next to them is something I hadn't even considered. I really like it and especially since I would love this game to appeal to people who don't play arena shooters and that's a great way to encourage them to use weapon binds.

3. To be honest I've been a bit up in the air with the duel colour mechanic lately. Other than a decent enough back and forth between colours and ammo I find a giant explosion not hurting similar colour robots to feel kind of off. Tangentially to that, the shared ammo system will be axed as it discourages using most or all of the weapons while also lowering depth.

edit: Even more tangentially, this throws the game into disarray as to what exactly should spawn from the enemies. I've considered some kind of currency you could use to buy weapons/ammo/health in between waves although that sounds like a chore. Maybe the money can be used to buy weapons and maps in the menu system so you can unlock stuff as you play well by collecting all the bits. I think both don't sound amazing as a more immediate pay off that doesn't take the player out of the core gameplay would be ideal.

4. Definitely. Gotta love them 7's

5. I don't want to add wall running or bouncing exactly but I would like to experiment with some kind of non-standard movement technique. This would be in addition to wanting to also add Quake 4's crouch sliding to the game.

Thank you again for your post and kind words. I would definitely like to hear your thoughts again when the game reaches v0.3 maybe, thanks!

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