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This was a super neat experience! It was fun to hop around and explore the environments and do some neat platforming puzzles. The two characters seem pretty interesting and have some funny lines as well. I enjoy the format of the demo as well since you actually have a goal to pursue, rather than just being dropped in a sandbox. I quite like the mechanic of making a platform to get across obstacles, it opens up some avenues for cool puzzle solving! I did have some issues with settings seeming to not save when I exited the options at some points, but that's to be expected in an early demo. Definitely excited to see more of this, props to the developers.

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Thank you so much! We loved watching your Let's Play. Would you mine sharing your tech specs with us so we can work more on optimisation?

You're very welcome, happy to help!


RTX 2070

i7 8700 @ 3.2 GHZ


Thank you! Please feel free to share your video in our brand new subreddit:  😊