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  • Main Menu Fancyness - The main menu now looks a bit more appealing than a brick. It's also focused by default now, so you won't have to click twice to start.
  • HUD - The old, horrible placeholder of a HUD has been replaced with a new one, featuring a health bar, ammo bar and weapon selection widget. The display of 'Gold' has been temporarily removed due to it not being used yet.
  • Weapon Selection - You can now carry and switch between a maximum of 5 different weapons.


  • AI - Some aliens now lead their shots according to player movement.
  • SFX - Dashing now has a sound effect. Jump sound has been updated with a little whoosh aswell. Also decreased background music volume a bit.
  • Supply Chest - Added a smoke bomb prop.

Bugs Fixed

  • Reloading a full clip - Why would you even do this? Anyway, you can't do it anymore.
  • Explosion deleting the commander - Due to a little physics problem which could cause the commander (boss) to just vanish instead of die, explosion forces have been temporarily disabled. They still hurt lots though!

Temporarily removed

  • Currency - Enemies will no longer drop currency pickups. Currency will be reintroduced when there's a means to spend it (e.g. shops).