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It isnt working on my computer. Whenever I try to open the umberella it glitches out. Wish I could play.

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Thank you for letting us know! Could you please send us a screenshot and let us know your computer specs?

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I don't know how to get my computer specs, sorry.  It's not letting my upload a screenshot for some reason, I tried with different ones. I do think its my computer though, since I checked out the gameplay from GPHOBIA and it was way smoother on his device.  I've also played it multiple times, and in one try I started drowning on land. 

Sorry if I'm not really helping.

If you could please send a screenshot to that would be perfect. Thank you for all your effort in bringing the issue to us 😊

If you're on windows you can search for run and enter "msinfo32" without quotation marks of course